Letters strung together serve a purpose. As with the numbers which dictate measurements, in a recipe, blended letters indicate a basic formula of energy. So too, do various letters, placed side by side, reveal certain characteristics relevant to you, alone. They also point to a particular destiny when coupled with the day of your birth. Take for example the letter A. The general movement of the letter is straight up, tall, pin pointed and sure. Standing on a secure foundation, at the vase, The shape of the letter A points the way. Able to see both sides of the situation, the Letter A holds the leader position. Pioneering in thought, creative by thrust, the letter A takes action, quickly. Usually, taking action without needing validation, confidence is it’s strong point. Like an arrow pointed toward the sky, the letter A can rarely be deterred. Impatience is another attribute associated. Blunt and forthright, the letter is rarely caught unaware. Once set on a course, reasoning with the letter A remains futile. Loyal to a fault the letter A remains fiercely independent and ambitiously driven.
DO Letters In Your Name Mean Anything?