A MODE of Cosmic Therapy exists in every person’s life. He or she does what feels good. IF it feels really good, the action is repeated over and over until it becomes an ingrained habit. There is a natural tendency to follow the road of least resistance. Whatever has been learned by conditioning becomes the familiar way of doing things. DNA plays a huge role. AND, of course, the impetus to gain/conquer in the environment placed leads the manner of behaving. We are born; the, we die. The interim is often mistaken for living. Yet, far be it from me to say... that’s really a joke! Most of the time, by the time we realize we have been prodded like cattle, the life we THOUGHT we were living is pretty much over! Whatever happened to self-inquiry? The search for true meaning abated- along the way-while while we bought into and joined the race for success. When it is all said and done; ALL we ever wanted was happiness... uninterrupted peace of mind. MODE stands for masters of divine essence. That’s what we really are but have somehow forgotten our sacred heritage. Maybe we were asleep. The truth remains: we can wake up at any moment we choose our MODE of cosmic reality in THIS apparent existence.

Doing What Feels Natural and Convenient!