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Hurt Me One More Time Video
Written, song and performed by
Paula Andrea Pyle


Were You Born For The World's Benefit?
MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Removal of Pretense,The Barrier to Authenticity


YOU are a natural born entertainer and though you may not be aware of the depth of your hidden (unexpressed) musical talents, artistic abilities, dramatic aptitude, and/or intellectual prowess, including your 'remarkable art of debate and adept competitive word manipulation' in playing the devil's advocate, (in relationships) you, no less, are here on Earth to perform. You are an expert in your chosen field of endeavor and circle of influence. Your people skills are honed to a fine science.

That's right; you have already spent a lifetime working on your 
precision tuned craft in human relations; a nearly perfected art in interactive communication deceiving yourself and the other. Did you hear and comprehend what I just said? You are "on call' 24 hours a day perfecting your technique. The cleverly disguised manufactured technique of remembering how to be an ordinary human being! People just don't realize how spectacular of a role that is!!!

You're an entertainer; therefore, you MUST entertain. Your entire life, existence, work, school, profession, sicknesses, projects, dreams, careers, fantasies, family, friends, co-workers, classmates, teachers, pastors, lawyers, doctors, politicians, lovers, business/sparring/ sexual/partners, pets, strangers and even the ones you deem as enemies depend on you to entertain them. Without you, how much color or variety would they have in their lives? Who would surprise, irritate, bore or incite them? (Debate, insist, confound, anger, stupefy, govern, control, and/or infuriate) Where else would they be able to engage in a more thrilling sexual, stimulating mental, provocative financial, evolving spiritual, demanding physical escapade, IF it were not for you?

Do you not motivate and inspire, support and encourage? Are you not the epitome of fun and enjoyment? Do you not keep them guessing and confronted? Rolling in laughter and gripping the edge of their seats just to hear the next bit of enlightening information you want to share. Don't you say, remind and reassure just how much you love, want and need them for your own happiness? (And, how very essential YOU are for theirs?) In addition, at the other end of the spectrum, don't you do a marvelous job in constantly upsetting, confusing and pushing them to their tearful emotional limits? While, at times, supplying them with a convincing emotional bombastic eruption in your own deluged flavor? Yes, entertainers entertain, that's what they do. And, you are so damn GOOD at what you do! I'm impressed.

Now, that we've established you are a seasoned entertainer and professional artiste, I am certain I can be candid with you, right? Here's the deal: "How much genuine pleasure are you deriving from your fabulous performances?" Are you truly passionate and committed to the sacred cause of breaking through the facade? Do you feel your body fill with overflowing enthusiasm and glee when the opportunity to perform presents itself over and over again? Or have you so identified with the role you are playing in your life and have become so personally attached to the outcome that it is interfering with your ability to learn the lessons offered? Do you think you aren't receiving enough praise and credit?

Have you grown too emotionally involved to your personal audience and by doing so expect more from them than they are willing to give? What more do you expect than the chance to shine? Can't you be satisfied with being the CENTER of their world? Why Marlon Brando couldn't touch you in some of the performances in your most sadistic scenes and vehement bawlings. And, what about those silent jags you like to throw around? The impenetrable 'Queen Elizabeth Taylor', herself couldn't do any better. What more do you desire? When, in those moments of self-pity, self-delusion and total disdain for humanity, just remember: "Can't teach those who need to be taught."

It won't matter in the least how loyal they've been to your specific role and how immaculately well they played their parts unless you recognize one important fact: interdependence. You know, as with every great play, "it" simply won't work IF the other person doesn't remember and deliver with conviction those crucial lines you need in order to perform. Sometimes, you forget, {I can appreciate} an entertainer is never off stage. Always on! Never allowed adequate time to relax, let your hair down, be something other than the role you've assumed.

You NEED that time. In order to stop, {for five minutes, even} "faking what it feels like" to be a real live human being without the superb acting job that goes along with it. Yes, it's almost impossible unless you consciously 'wake up' from the character you are playing. You have a purpose for being on Earth; the purpose is to experience each moment authentically, using the gifts, abilities and talents you possess in some other way other than bellowing your grievances, misfortunes and injustices.

Stop whining! Except when in character realizing perfectly well, you ARE in character at the time. In other words, remind yourself occasionally of your primary purpose: be original. Agree? On top of that, as if I haven't asked enough of you, all wrapped up in that 'original role of purpose' is a great work (destiny). The great work is in you, through you and is YOU. You, exactly and precisely as you were born, combined, reflected and mirrored, through each one of your relationships and given circumstances. Incidentally, this does include the 'things' you create, too.

Look at it this way, everyone, who in birth, took part in this Cosmic Play, and, while visiting this planet, though divine in origin, entered with his/her first human breath, bringing with him/her an explicit blue print (sacred script) of his/her particular destiny. No one is exempt. From the moment you entered this field of theatrical influence, you were breathing in and out the necessary elements to educate, train, experience and sustain your life in order for you to fulfill that delegated regal purpose.

No one other than you can fulfill that specified destiny nor stipulate, signify, step or stand in your place. No understudy's performance coming to the rescue. At the same time you are contemplating these words and questioning their relevant significance, (trying to make sense out of them) make it 'remotely' completely understood, you are not afforded the luxury of interfering, coercing, influencing, determining or "messing with" another's scene. You are not in a position to sway, change or dominate the character nature of someone else. That's the celestial director's job.

So, in essence you are not allowed to stand as a regent speculating as to what the other is supposed to do or not do in this play of life. Or for that matter, you can not decide how much attention or amount of ignoring you can be shown at any one time, either. Accept what you get and Shut up! Remember and never forget: you are a professional entertainer. Even IF you don't like the script, play it out as only you can. The show must go on! The show will go on with or without you. However, if you pay close enough attention, you won't miss some pretty vital clues.

Clues that will win you a most coveted Personality's Pleasure Oscar {it's an unmentionable award given only to those whom it doesn't matter 'if and when' they get it} if you're so inclined. How do you win the most cherished never-to-be viewed award? Tend to the details of your life's script. Stay true to your character and don't run amuck in your performances. Don't shift roles or try to convince or persuade another of your altruistic intentions. It plays out phony! Your divine intent reveals itself every moment in the moment it unfolds IF you are of a mind to be taught and can be. Not before; not after. Remember: you are a performer; you must perform. Show up for your gigs. It just aint cool to do otherwise!




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