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Be Where Your Feet Are!
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Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic 

Map of Astrological Houses 

       Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic: Map of ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES’ informs the beginner, novice, intermediate, or advanced seeker. Easy to read, understand and apply enlightening information. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investigating the possibilities contained.  Are you interested in eliminating mental emotional turbulence? Do you have a need to diminish physical dissatisfaction? Is there a nagging unrelenting stirring ‘discontent’ nudging you to look into unexplored areas of your personal sexual  life? Would you like to have additional insights regarding various relationships and romantic involvements? What about about your financial picture? Are you satisfied with it? Enriching uncharacteristic guidance is available should you investigate, acknowledge, and embrace the ancient esoteric astrological wisdom.  Not only that, it’s fun, entertaining and surprisingly accurate.

"Nobody can do you like you can do you!"


The best thing about Mode of Cosmic Therapy is the spontaneous alluring 
sensually stirring interaction with oneself. It's whatever works best for you. The inquisitive study of yourself ignites the most thrilling investigation, you will ever undertake. Your undeniable passion for learning (more about yourself, your world, your passions) is directly linked to your sacred, sensual, sexual, sublime, artistic drive. In other words, your own distinct level of sensuality defines who, when, why, how and what attracts you.

You will be exposed to and experience a personally flavored non-

duality life in 12 distinct areas.  


Do you even know what that means?

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The Subject of Desire

By the time we enter the 8th grade, around, about, the age of almost 14, we pretty much know what we want. Some people may disagree, but Charlie McRoy KNOWS, beyond a shadow of a doubt what he wants more-than-anything-else-in-the-whole-wide-world: a Genuine Red & White Sandblaster! Determined to be the first, one and only, kid in town to actually possess the magical, motorized, instantaneous, transformable skate-board machine, he is willing to do just about anything required of him to make sure he gets the object of his true desire. He has spent countless hours daydreaming of the time when he’ll be able to, with just a quick flip from his wrist; open the totally amazing wallet-like contraption. Charlie can see himself transported from land to sea, and, finally delivering him high up into the air, soaring at unbelievable heights.

The fantasized idea of owning the Genuine Red & White Sandblaster thrills him to pieces. He’s not the least bit interested in who, other than himself, would want to own the board of ultimate pleasure. All he cares about is securing HIS desire. Nothing else consumes his heart, mind and soul beyond the reality of being able to place his feet on the incredible wild ride. His mind is set. No matter what it involves, he will not be deterred. What will he have to do to get the awesome magical board since his parents aren’t rich enough to afford it and he’s not old enough to work at a paying job to earn it? 

Unsurprisingly, that’s where this miraculous, hair-raising journey begins: with Charlie’s unstoppable pursuit, unmitigated willpower and unfailing focused intent to secure his dream. Does he get it? Can he get it? What will he have to exchange for it? Charlie will soon discover, when something means that much, an unimaginable force must be called upon and reckoned with; demanding absolute submission of and devotion to his unchallenged character and undaunted will.

Sometimes…The Subject of Desire ignites much more than we ever bargain for. 
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