Paula Andrea Pyle, MA Ed

Be Where Your Feet Are!
We are hard to get to know! And, rarely do we allow people "up close and personal"'enough to even try. We'd like to imagine ourselves as an open book-transparent and revealed-but far be it from the actual truth. We remain hidden, (believing the shallow image in the mirror reflected as us) instead of recognizing that the "midnight sun" BLACK (silence) is the symbol of our profound tranquility and revered detachment. Why do We refuse to be "still and KNOW"? We continue to seek a light outside of ourselves to guide us to something else. Not only are we ineffably stilled by the calming dark silence, but residing in the blackness we ARE the most ALIVE. We experience Innate serenity while entombed in the body: able to permeate and connect to ALL that is. But, when we insist to stay 'at war' with ourselves, (by denying the reality of who we are) everything we say and do is in contrast to what we KNOW to be. We are AWARENESS! As we accept the grace of this miraculous spaciousness and timelessness, we begin to appreciate the myriad of layered dimensions comprising our essential nature. Yes. ''Tis True. We do need to exhibit a certain "natural and convenient" ruthlessness, wildness and independence to eliminate the embedded toxic poisons of habitual conditioning in negativity and disbelief. But, in it's place, a youthful, exhilarating, exuberant, timeless, limitless bliss is born.

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Timing is everything! The real meaning of HELL is to try to do something out of season. Never are we allowed the audacious privilege to reset a date of destiny. It would be like that scene in Hearts and Souls when, Death, the bus driver asked the question rather incredulously, "Do they honestly believe they can outrun me?" We are all appointed a specific slot, place, circumstance, relationship, along with the designated time to fill it. No matter our preferences and/or grievances, the show will be conducted on TIME. It is the same with LIFE! We can not hurry something into being any more than we can postpone it's arrival. Whatever is suppose to take place will take place "when, where, how and with whom" it will. Our continual meandering and flagrant gossip laden moaning and groaning is simply pointless and exhausting. "It is what is"; as it shall always be! We need to get 'with the moment' as it unfolds-in the precise manner-it unfolds! The MOMENT is NOT going to get with us. We experience immense suffering when we THINK, otherwise.
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